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About freemasonry

What is freemasonry?

It is a body of men united with the same aims: Friendship charity integrity.
These we refer to as: Brotherly love, relief and truth.

Brotherly Love  Showing tolerance, fairness, respect and kindness to others.
Relief  Practising charity and care for freemasons and the community as a whole.
Truth  Honesty and high moral standards in life.

Freemasonry teaches moral lessons and citizenship through participation in symbolic 'plays' which we refer to as 'ceremonies'.


When did it start?

It is not known. The earliest written record of a person being made a mason was in 1646. Hs name was Elias Ashmole.

The Grand Lodge of England was formed in 1717

Stone masons originally used signs and words to inform others of their level of skill: i.e. Apprentice, fellow or Master mason

These reflect the words we use today to recognise the status of a freemason

A second theory is that Freemasonry arose to promote religious and political tolerance in a time when intolerance led to bloody conflict.

Hence, all discussion of religious or political issues is still forbidden.


Isn't it a religious organisation?

Emphatically not. It has no theological doctrine. It offers no sacraments. Does not claim to lead to salvation. Does not permit discussion of religious topics. It does require a belief in a supreme being who we refer to as the 'Great Architect'.

Our membership is made up of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and others. The 'Great Architect' embraces all faiths. We make our promises on the Volume of the Sacred Law . For Christians this is the Bible. For others it is the Holy Book of their religion, e.g. the Koran.

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